IIP in the Service of Hazmat Industry

Glimpse of Packaging Testing of Hazardous Materials:

The Expert Committee of Hazardous Goods of United Nations has formulated the common regulations for the transportation of hazardous materials either by Sea, Road or Air within the United Nations member countries without any hurdles. The United Nations has implemented different regulations like International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code (IMDG) for sea transportation. International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) for air transportation. Every member country of the United Nations has got the controlling authority for the transportation of hazardous goods. 

In India, Ministry of Ports, Shipping and waterways, Govt. of India and Directorate General of Civil Aviation (Ministry of Civil Aviation, Govt. of India) have authorized the Indian Institute of Packaging as a nodal agency to conduct the various performance tests on bulk packages and also to issue the UN Certificates. The Institute has been providing these services to a large number of industries across the country and thus promoting the export of hazardous goods. The Institute has got well equipped laboratories for the testing of different parameters related to IMDG as well as ICAO Regulations.





 Procedure For Utilisation Of Certified Packages

Ø  UN certification, which is mandatory, was introduced by the Director General of Shipping, Govt. of India, Primarily for the packages used by Indian Express for carriage of dangerous goods by sea from India.

Ø  Similar compulsion has been introduced for transportation by air. The packaging certified for utilisaton for transport of Dangerous Goods by air shall be checked by the shippers before these are actually used for the purpose. The certified packaging shall have UN marking as indicated in the Certificates, so that only certified packaging are loaded on aircraft.

Ø  After satisfactory performance of the sample packages, the certificate is issued by the Indian Institute of Packaging to manufacturer/dealer of packages for manufacturing any number of packages.

Ø  Validity period mentioned in the certificate means the period during which the manufacturing of the packages (with same specifications, design & shape) is permitted.

Ø  Depending upon the category of the manufacturers of the packages , the validity period of their certificates, the extended period beyond the expiry date during which the certified packages can be utilized by the exporters (subject to passing the TYPE TESTING as per IMDG CODE, VOLUME-I or Technical Instructions of ICAO)and maximum period within which packages should reach the importers are indicated below: 


ü  Validity period: 9 months 


ü  Validity period: 18 months 

No extensions will be given after 9/18 months.



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