Packaging Design and Development Work

Project Highlights

Development of Transport Pack 
for export of Bananas

Packaging of Drinking Water

Packaging of Hair Oil in 
PET Bottle



Advisory Visits


Visit to a client's unit for on the spot studies aimed at diagnosing problem areas is undertaken. Suggestions for immediate implementation are reported after the visit. If the preliminary observations suggest in depth packaging development studies, a proposal is submitted along with the preliminary study report.

Packaging Development Services

Packaging development studies are undertaken for range of products including agricultural produce, marine products, processed foods, pharmaceutical, chemicals, consumer durables, light and heavy engineering products, etc. The studies evolve protective and cost effective packaging for domestic and overseas distribution. Value engineering approach enables to recommend specific material/design/process for packaging components and containers at minimum overall cost.

R&D on Jute Composite Board

  • Facilities like impregnator/drier, hydraulic press, Needle punching machine, Sheet cutter, Resin plant etc are available at this plant.
  • Composite boards can be produced using natural fibres like jute, coir, banana fibre resins etc.
  • In keeping with the Institute's efforts for the promotion of nature based packaging, coir composite boards and cushioning media for packaging applications, a joint project with the Coir Board of India, is being developed for cost-effective packaging applications.