The Educational Courses offered by the Institute as summarised here. 

The Institute conducts a two years full time Post Graduate Diploma in Packaging (PGDP), open to the graduates in Science, technology, Engineering and allied fields. 

The three months full time Certificate Course in Packaging (ITC) is suitable for fresh graduates preferably in science/Engineering who desire to make a career in Packaging Business/Profession.
Diploma in Packaging through Correspondence (DPC) for 18 months correspondence course is conducted on annual basis. 

Long Term Educational Programmes


The Institute conducts the following educational programmes.

Post Graduate Diploma in Packaging (PGDP)

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The course is suitable for fresh graduates in science / engineering who desire to make a career in packaging. The programme comprises of classroom sessions by the Institute’s own and guest faculty, with visits to industries to study various packaging processes and technologies. 

This course is open for all graduates in science, technology, engineering and allied fields. The admission is through an all India level entrance examination conducted in June every year in all metro cities. Admission forms are available from the month of May and the course begins in August.


The course is conducted at Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata and Hyderabad. The course has 4-semesters. 3 Semesters are at the Campus of the Institute, while during the 4th semester, students work on projects in different industries in the country. After successfully passing the required examinations held in every semester and industrial projects, the students are awarded the Post Graduate Diploma in Packaging. The qualification equips them to pursue a career in packaging in different types of industries in India and overseas.

The students join industries in various disciplines such as quality testing and evaluation, production and packaging, sales and marketing, packaging design & development and allied fields.

This course has been conducted for over 25-years. Many past students are working in reputed National and International companies that come for campus placements regular


Diploma in Packaging through Correspondence (DPC)

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The 18 months Diploma in Packaging through Correspondence is designed for working executives who are graduates in different disciplines, but need packaging knowledge by virtue of their job requirements. The Graduate Diploma in packaging Technology is accredited by the Asian Packaging Federation.


Certificate Course in Packaging - Intensive Training Course (ITC)
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The need for educational programmes was felt early back on establishment of the Indian Institute of Packaging. The objective of establishing the institute in 1966 was to improve the quality of packaging for goods to be exported from our country. It was soon seen that there was a requirement of qualified professionals in the field of packaging who will understand the science of packaging as well as be in a position to guide the industries on the appropriate packaging needs of the various products exported.

 As there was no educational course in the packaging sciences in the country at that time, a decision was taken by the Institute with the approval of Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Government of India, to commence an educational programme in packaging at the institute’s headquarters at Mumbai in the year 1968.

The programme launched in the year 1968 has been in existence ever since. It is a professional qualification and this CERTIFICATE PROGRAMME, is duly accredited by Asian Packaging Federation (APF) of which IIP is the founder member as well as endorsed by the World Packaging Organisation (WPO).

The CERTIFICATE Programme in Packaging Technology is a three months full time course generally conducted at the Headquarters of the Institute at Mumbai as well as in the four regional offices at Delhi, Kolkata, Hyderabad and Chennai. On an average, the number of participants varies from 15 – 25 nos. at all centres. The course is conducted from a period varying from September to December of every calendar year depending on the various regional centres. The participants registering for the course are Graduates or Diploma holders in various educational fields. The students of this course are a heterogeneous mix of executives from packaging material user industries as well as converter industries and entrepreneurs planning to make a career in packaging.

The CERTIFICATE Programme in Packaging Technology is a nationally and internationally recognised qualification which provides learners with a broad knowledge of the principles, materials, processes, systems and other elements of packaging production and use.

Those completing the course are awarded a CERTIFICATE and will be able to apply this knowledge for solving problems and making decisions associated with the technical and aesthetic performance, cost, safety aspects of packaging materials and packaged products.

This course is conducted at Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Hyderabad and Kolkata every year between August–December.

Short Term Training Programmes

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Executive Development Programmes (EDP)

These are short term programmes (1-day to 1-week duration) conducted in various industrial cities in the country. These programmes are designed for working executives as well as professionals needing to update their knowledge. The topics covered in these short-term focused programmes range from package testing and quality evaluation through packaging techniques and technology used in packaging of food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, engineering and allied industries, as well as packaging requirements of dangerous goods and export packaging. These EDP courses help executives in updating their knowledge, enabling them to improve on-job performance.

The Executive Development Programme brochure is uploaded at the start of every financial year indicating the time-table of activities for the entire year across all Regional Centres and HO. These have varied durations.